Trade In Program

Send back your previously loved and gently used Gaia Baby Goods for store credit to purchase something new, and allow someone else to give your old GBG a second chance at a discounted price in our Sustainability Shop. Why? It's better for our planet. Buying used extends a garment’s life by about two years, which cuts its combined carbon, water and waste footprint by 82% (Thred Up). It's also more cost-effective for you!

At this time, we are currently accepting trade-ins on all products purchased from Gaia Baby Goods. In order to be eligible for a trade in, your GBG must be in good condition. We understand it will be previously loved, but we will not be able to accept damaged or dirty items. Imperfect GBG purchased in our Sustainability Shop is NOT eligible to be traded in. Trade-in items must be clean and in good working condition, with no major rips, tears, holes, broken zippers or missing buttons. Preloved GBG can be traded in multiple times as long as it's in good condition and meets our guidelines. We only issue credit for functional, gently used Gaia Baby Goods that is within our guidelines, and we don’t return any trade-in items to the customer for any reason.